Electric guitars
Model Pacheco n°1

The first amplified electromagnetic systems applied to the guitar appeared in the 1930s in the United States. Since then, the evolution of this instrument has seen many stylistic, acoustic and musical innovations.

The design of this electric guitar is inspired by several stylistic and acoustic references. The work of Marcelino López Nieto, Ramírez, Gibson Les Paul Custom, PRS, Gibson 335, Washburn N4, Gibson Firebird, Prince's guitar, etc. The shape of the body is based on the template of a late 18th century Italian romantic guitar. The entire design was carried out in collaboration with the guitarist Diego Pacheco in order to achieve an instrument that precisely meets his functional and acoustic expectations. The instrument was made entirely by hand without the use of machine tools, using a crankshaft and a hand saw.

Materials and techniques : The hollow body of the guitar is made of flamed maple for the top and back and ebony for the sides. The neck is made of maple. The decorative purfling is made of black stained maple, mother of pearl and vegetable ivory inlays. The decorations on the table are in ebony as well as the inlay at the bottom of the instrument. The fingerboard is made of ebony inlaid with mother of pearl. A natural copal varnish covers the whole instrument.

The pickups used are humbucker 490r and 490t from Gibson.

String length : 665

Number of frets :25