portrait photo by Régis Floury

Regis Floury begins his professional training in cabinetmaking in France and learns various craftsmanship techniques with traditional assemblies, marquetry, sculpture and also pad varnish, etc... Then, to complete his cabinetmaking studies, he learnt traditional forging in Belgium to acquire knowledge of metal working.

The practice of manual manufacturing techniques allows him to become interested in the restoration of furniture. He then enters in the Institut National du Patrimoine in Paris to train for 5 years and obtained his master's degree in restoration and conservation of heritage. This training allows him to study in a more scientific way the subject, while also being inscribed in the deontology of the conservation of the patrimonial values using restoration techniques more respectful of the patrimony. He continues to improve his technical skills in contact with historical decorative objects. At the same time, he started training in traditional luthiery and specialized in the restoration of antique musical instruments.

At the end of his training, he started to work for several museums and institutions in France and Spain. His great interest for the conservation and the diffusion of the ancient techniques of manufacture brings him closer and closer to the different craft techniques, the gestures and the manual tools used in a traditional way in the workshops. His work as a heritage restorer allows him to have access to the objects preserved in our museums and to study them from a technological point of view.

He continues his training with the master Xaime Rivas at the escuela municipal de arte y oficio de Vigo in Galicia and obtains his diploma as a traditional hurdy-gurdy maker. He then began to make instruments such as guitars and hurdy-gurdies.

In 2021 he created the Espacio Hylica in Galicia with Natalia Moreno, which will be a space of study and conservation of ancient manufacturing techniques, which aims to preserve the traditional craft know-how by bringing together artisans of art in a space dedicated to the transmission and dissemination of intangible heritage values.